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Skip the middle agent and enjoy the best price. Our factory is located in Shengfang, Hebei (A town specialized in industrial manufacturing in Mainland China). Whether your demand is a standard parts and/or customized solutions, our production cost is highly optimised for your benefits. 

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20 Years of Experience, 100 Industry Professionals

Since the establishment of the company in 2009, we have always been doing our best to satisfy our customers who have already become our long term partners. Our production lines have been expanded rapidly which are now supported by 100+ industry professionals. Monthly production can go up to 700 tons and more. 

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Customized Aluminium processing

We will cater your requirement (Raw materials, shape, surfacing, thickness and etc) as much as possible using our professional knowledge and industry experience. Avoid the risk and save time for managing multiple factories.

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Capabilities to produce a wide variety of aluminium profiles.

Not limited to the categories listed below

End-to-end Service workflow

  1. Send through requirements and CAD files (if any) or send an actual sample to our factory.
  2. We will send through project plan and quotation based on the requirements. 
  3. Samples can be made on request. 
  4. Contract will be sent if customer is satisfied with both quotation and samples.
  5. Customer signs contract and pays 30-50% Deposit to kickstart mass production. Shipping terms is normally FOB Tianjin.
  6. We manufacture according to contract requirement and timeline.
  7. Customer pays remaining contract sum. 
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